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Find out what the Best In-Building Mobile Connectivity Solution is for Your Building

A desktop coverage survey is the first step to understanding the best in-building connectivity solution for your particular building - whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing solution, scoping a new development, or just looking at updating the technology in an existing building.

Smart Connected Buildings’ free desktop coverage survey is recommended for all building owners/managers - whether working on a new-build or redevelopment - and is normally submitted by the person responsible for delivering mobile connectivity within your building.

The FREE desktop coverage survey from Smart Connected Buildings provides you with:

  1. 1
    A recommendation for the connectivity solution most likely to be the best solution for your specific building/space
  2. 2
    A ballpark figure for how much you're likely going to need to budget for in order to deploy the recommended solution
  3. 3
    A rough timescale for how long it would usually take to deploy the recommended solution and for you to get connected

We’ll also provide you with a brief proposal of the works that our partners would conduct if you wanted to proceed with our recommended solution.

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